Training with Purpose International (TWPI) is bringing you 21 of the best courses we have run over the last 21 years.

Over the past 21 years TWPI has been running courses that have proven to unleash success in teams, organisations and individuals, inspiring them to be the best they can be.

Unleash the success of your team

Learning, Training and Development Professionals have a myriad of training solutions new and old offered to them on a daily basis but what a busy, astute development professional really needs are proven tools and interventions that work! 

Perhaps you are here to search for workable training solutions in management, leadership or interpersonal skills. Perhaps it’s employability skills training, business coaching or a bespoke service that you need.

Either way we are pleased to say that we can help.

Training With Purpose International is training that works. We are here because we know that training your workforce is key to investing in your organisation or business success. Training reduces costs and increases productivity; it equips your people to work smart and to enjoy what they do: it feeds interests, narrows skill gaps and guides goals.

· Understand the needs of the customer 

· Manage expectations of stakeholders whilst meeting the needs of the customer

· Able to offer practical solutions that build customer loyalty

· Able to manage difficult customer interactions appropriately

· And more

Problem Solvers

Based on both our experience and research from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), organisations want:

· Seek out current and future trends in their field 

· Understand how corporate objectives ‘echo’ team and individual goals

· Stay abreast of changes in the relevant market

· Contribute to giving feedback to the organisation

· And more…

Understanding business and market trends  

What is it that any successful organisation wants from their staff?

· Are assertive 

· Able to listen and give clear information face to face, on the phone and in writing

· Present with influence

· Are flexible

· Represent the organisation to external agencies/organisations

· And more…

Self Starter

· Coach their teams and not just manage them 

· Champion the vision for the organisation

· Delegate appropriately

· Encourage staff to learn and develop

· Manage performance

· Capacity build by growing their own leaders in house

· And more…

· Are motivated 

· Take responsibility and ownership for goals

· Use their initiative

· Seek out opportunities and new ways of doing things

· Ask the right questions to get the right result

· And more…

Personal Development

Good Communicators

· Recognise their strengths and weaknesses and action plan solutions for managing both 

· Are self-aware

· Technically savvy

· Know when to get involved and when to escalate to another department or colleague

· Know when and what to say ‘no’,’ ‘yes’ and ‘not yet’ to

· And more…

Customer Focused


Empowering and Empowered Leaders

· Contribute to achieving organisation and team objectives 

· Communicate ideas and support team members

· Give and receive feedback appropriately

· Encourage a harmonious working environment

· Manage conflict

· Foster effective inter team relationships

· And more

· Present problems with solutions 

· Gather all the facts before making a decision

· Know who to involve in problem solving

· Presents more than one option

· Uses diverse tools and comparisons to come up with solutions

· And more…

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